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Back in the Groove!

We finally got the house a little more settled than it has been since we moved in. So I'm finally feeling more comfortable with the way things are and am getting back in the mood for more techie stuff. Alan & Beth got us a webcam for Christmas and it has been fun to play with. I decided to set up a web cam feed on my website and that got me into web development again. So I'm slowly trying to update the pages on my website. Feel free to check it out and know that I'm still working on it! http://sapooh.nhyde.net

It's pretty exciting and as you can see from the time of this post, pretty addicting as well! I always get into something late and night and don't get to sleep when I should. *sigh* oh well! :)

FYI, things with Bradley and me are great! We're really enjoying the house, had a great 1st Christmas, had some people over (finally!) and everything is just going really well :)

Sunset from the Front Porch :)

Our neighborhood is very quiet and the sunset is beautiful! It's pretty neat how things work out. I always said I wanted a house on a hill. Now, this house isn't exactly what I would consider on a hill, but it is definitely higher than all the houses that you can see below it and makes for a nice sunset view.

We got our cable working! Yay, now we're finally getting all the channels that we're paying for and HD too! It's pretty sweet.

I'm slowly but surely getting the boxes unpacked. I try to do a little each evening and it's coming together.

I really just can't wait until we're ready to decorate. We're trying not to spend TOO much as we registered for a lot of stuff and with the wedding coming up we'll probably get money/gift cards/etc. and we could really use that to finish off the house. Things I really want to go ahead and get are nice window coverings. We've put up some temporary stuff for now just to get the windows covered. But I can't wait to get what I really want put up.


New Home

Bradley and I are now homeowners. It's a pretty crazy feeling, but I love it. So far it's been great. We closed on our house on Thursday Aug. 28th. I have to say it wasn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. We went into it expected the worst! Everyone said it would take like 2-4 hours and we'd have to sign all these papers. Our closing was a little different than most because we had to stop by our lender in Wilkesboro and sign a bunch of papers. Then we went to Statesville to meet with the lawyer & seller to complete the closing. While we were there the lawyer really didn't tell us anything we didn't already know and we only had to sign one paper. We signed about 5 copies, but it was only 1 paper. Our closing was at 2:00pm and we were out of there before 3:00!

On Saturday my parents, Alan & Beth, and Bradley's parents all came to help me move out of my apartment. I think it went very smoothly. We got everything out of the apartment pretty quickly and into the house just as quick. We were all able to sit down and relax and enjoy some food together. It was great! Now I just have a bunch of boxes to unpack. That'll be fun...*sigh*.

Our neighborhood seems great so far. We've only met one neighbor but she was really nice. Everything is very quiet but everyone seems friendly. I just can't wait until Bradley and I are married and both living in the house. It will be nice to finally have some stability and a routine. Traveling to work won't be much fun, but I'm sure we'll get used to it.

Well, I know I say this a lot, but I honestly am going to attempt to keep up with a journal now that I am in a more permanent location. I just can't wait to learn all about Statesville and I sure hope there's some fun stuff to do around here and cool people to meet.

Hollar if you wanna come visit!!! =)


Neat place to live!

Check out www.210trade.com. I really wish i cold live there, but highly doubtful.

Carquest Race - Lowe's Motor Speedway

I won tickets at Lowe's to go to the Carquest Race at Lowe's Motor Speedway tonight (technically Saturday evening as it is currently Sunday morning). I originally just won 2 tickets. But I ended up getting 4 tickets that were right in a row. Bradley and I were planning on going and I was able to get Emily to come with us and take the 3rd ticket. She drove down to Wilkesboro and then we all rode together to Concord. We had a really good time. Jason (Emily's boyfriend) was actually at the same race. His family took him for his birthday. So we got to see him which I know Emily enjoyed immensely =). All-in-all it was a really great evening. We were extremely tired when we got back, but Emily and I took the time to put pictures on the computer and hang out for a little while. She has to get up early in the morning to drive back to Mill Spring, and on to Georgia to spend time with Jason for his birthday! =)

You can see some pictures from the race at: http://sapooh.nhyde.net/CarquestRace/


Well, it's been a very long time, hasn't it? I swear I'm going to start keeping up with this thing. I promise! I just don't promise on when :) Hehe..I wish I could do that at work, promist to get things done but not give a date of delivery.

Anyway, I came to ASU today to speak to the CSEMS class about Life after College and Life at Lowe's. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed seeing prior classmates and professors. I even sat in on one of the student's Thesis Defense. I could only stay through half of it. It was pretty interesting though.

I was supposed to at least eat dinner with Sandra tonight and potentially spend the night with her. I finished up at 5:00 which was when she was supposed to leave work. I ran into Elliott and found out that she left early because no one was there. I've been calling her cell phone and room phone since 5:00 and cannot get ahold of her anywhere! I do not want to leave without touching base with her, but if something has come up and we cannot hang out, I'd like to head home. It's a shame I don't have more friends to hang out with while I'm up here. I would be able to hang out with Rachel, but she's at home in Hendersonville because she had her interview today. I hope that went really well for her!

I seriously hope Sandra is okay! I really don't have anyone else to call that might know if she's okay or not. I just don't know what to do. I thought I saw her car in Stadium Drive. I might have to drive back over that way to see if it's still there. Maybe she went home and fell asleep upstairs or something.

Well, I guess I'll try one last time to find her and if I have no luck head back home.



Merry Christmas! :) I hope everyone had a wonderful day. It's been a pretty dreary christmas, but nice none-the-less. My family actually celebrated Christmas on Saturday. My brother and Beth couldn't be here on Christmas day, so we decided to do it early. Aunt & Uncle came and Emily brought Jason. Bradley joined us and it was all around a nice time. We ate good food, played lots of games, and just chilled/relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I think everyone else did as well.

Today on actual Christmas, mom made the traditional Monkey Bread which I have been devouring all day! YUMM! And we went to see a movie "The Holiday". It was a chick-flick and was extrememly cute :) Mom and I really enjoyed it. Dad was with us, but I don't think she enjoyed it as much as us. But he's a trooper!

I brought my guitar home in hopes of finding some time to play it. That hasn't really happened too much, but I did play a little. I played YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE :)

Tomorrow mom and I will go out to get some christmas things on sale. I also have a gift card that I wanna use so i'll probably rack up on some clothes and hopefully a Papasan chair :)

Thanks to everyone for all my presents!! I'm really enjoying them.


Thank You Baby Jesus

I love my life and thank God for everything I've been given.

I often find it hard to explain myself and the way I feel, but there's a movie that I completely relate to. Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I guess in my situation it would be "Diary of a Mad White Woman." Granted, I'm not really mad and I haven't been hurt in the same ways that she has. But, I deal with my pain in the same ways that she did. And to me the most important thing when hurt by someone or something is to forgive. And it's important for those that love you to understand that things take time.

God is the only reason that I make it through my hardships, and I am very blessed to have him as part of my life. And of course I am very blessed to have so many understanding family members and friends.


Well it's that time again :) I hope everyone has a wonderful Turkey day.

This is a little weird for me. Normally I would have a nice 3 day weekend and have been at home all day today. Instead I was at work all day...I did get to leave at 3:00 though. I was up all evening cleaning. I plan on waking up at 8:00 tomorrow in order to start cooking food to take to my brother's house for Thanksgiving dinner. I will have to rush off after dinner to get back here due to having to work on Friday and having a guest come in (Shawn) :)

Needless to say, it's all going to be a lot different. But I am still very excited about it. We had a Thanksgiving lunch on Tuesday at work and I made Crock Pot Mac & Cheese. Everyone loved it :) At least I heard a lot of compliments about it. I'm planning to make that for tomorrow as well as a pumpkin pie. I've never made the pumpkin pie before.

I am very thankful for a lot of things and I will list a few off the top of my head:
Friends (new and old)
My Bed
The ability to work out
The parkway
Road Trips
Nerdy Jokes
My job
My car

And that'll be all for now. I'm thankful to everyone who is part or has been a part of my life. It is a wonderful life :)

"Careful, that's a hell of a paper cut waiting to happen." <--don't ask

Politically Correct

I love all the politics that comes with being part of an organization in this corporate world. Not really ;)

I'm probably way too optimistic about what an organization should/could be like. For that reason I probably wouldn't make a good leader. I don't like it when people do not cooperate or when things do not go the way that makes the most sense to me. But, I am aware that this is not a perfect world and am able to deal with it.

I was noticing today how straightforward and upfront my manager was able to be with some people that we work with. I wish that I could be that way, but I care too much that people would think I'm a female dog.

I suppose in actuality I really shouldn't worry about it. I look at my manager and am impressed/inspired to be the same way. So maybe people would look at me that way if I was in that position. However, as much as I hate to admit it, it's still a man's world out there. It seems that women still have to work a lot harder to get anywhere. And it's seems okay for a man to come across as a "jerk" then for a woman to come across as one.

Anyway, just some random thoughts.